Get Car Show Season Ready

Car show season is upon us once again, and we know you’re itching to hit the road in your beloved classic or turbocharged beast. But before you rev up that engine and roll out, let’s make sure your ride is turning heads for all the right reasons. Introducing our Heritage Range, specially crafted to keep your automotive masterpiece looking pristine. As the sun starts to shine brighter, it’s time to give your car the attention it deserves. From classic cars to modern marvels, our Heritage Range caters to all automotive enthusiasts. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals that strip away shine and hello to a gentle yet effective cleaning experience. Each product is carefully formulated to preserve the integrity of your paintwork, leaving behind a high-quality finish that’s sure to impress.

Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or just enjoy the look and feel of a well-maintained car, our products make it easy to achieve professional results from the comfort of your own home. Get your car show season ready with our Heritage Range and let your vehicle shine like never before.

Preparing For Your Next Show:

Looking to buff out some scratches or swirl marks? Nielsen Coarse Compound is our most heavy-duty compound, Ideal for reviving faded paintwork, removing deep scratches, defects, and heavy oxide film. This silicone and ammonia free formula is an essential to achieving that pristine show look.

Looking for something lighter? Reach for our Fine Compound a super fine grade, hyper-uniform particle size compound to be used for gloss enhancement and final stage machine polishing. Silicone, ammonia, filler free and easy to apply!

Or go in the middle with our Medium Compound highly uniform particle size compound. Quickly removes swirl marks and holograms. Designed for longer working times, high coverage, and low dusting. Perfect for modern scratch resistant clear coats. Silicone, ammonia, filler free and easy to apply!

You’ll want to decontaminate your vehicle for the best quality clean. Be sure to add Fallout Remover into your wash routine. We recommend hitting the wheels whilst you let your Snow Foam dwell. Tackle stubborn debris, iron and road grime with Nielsen Fallout Remover specifically designed to cling to the application area and give a visual indicator while in use. The product turns a deep purple colour upon contact with fallout and iron deposits on your vehicles painted panels and wheels and gets to work fast!

Starting with a pre rinsed vehicle, apply Nielsen Cherry Shampoo, this will have your car smelling and looking ten out of ten! This high foaming formula is great for scratch free washing, highly concentrated for excellent economy, leaves a non streak finish, residue free rinse, pH Neutral and is safe on protected or coated vehicles.

Achieve the ultimate look and enhance your vehicles glow with Nielsen Exhibition Polish. Designed with Carnauba wax for a high shine, you’ll have heads turning in no time. Our Exhibition Polish provides an exhibition quality shine and finish on all vehicle paint and can be used on vehicles of any age.

Your Easy Grab Essentials:

Engine bays need quality care too! Our Exterior Dressing is an amazing engine dressing Show off every detail of your car with an added touch of shine. After you’ve cleaned your engine bay with a Pre Wash or Ph Neutral Snow Foam, be sure to finish off your detailed look with Nielsen Exterior Dressing and bring it with you for a quick touch up.

To achieve wheels and tyres that speak for themselves, be sure to add Nielsen Non Silicone Tyre Dressing into your car care routine and buff to desired sheen.

Achieve show car results using our Quick Detailer complete with our Exhibition Polish for a final enhancement. Remove dust and fingerprints, instant shine and enhanced gloss, Nielsen Quick detailer is your got to! Followed by our Nielsen Exhibition Polish, an easy on and off formula easily top up your show car shine on the go. For an extra gloss enhancement, go in again with your Quick Detailer.

Don’t overlook the importance of clean windows. Our Glass Cleaner ensures streak-free clarity, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views and impress fellow enthusiasts from inside out.


Give your car the ultimate care it deserves with our Heritage Range and showcase that pristine, premium-quality finish every time. Get ready to make a grand entrance, browse our full range here.

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