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Environmental Policy

Here at Nielsen, we understand that our customers desire more than just ‘environmentally friendly’ products. We understand that the manufacturing, transportation and the use of products may not have the best effect on the environment, such as energy consumption and waste disposal, so we are committed to producing products that minimize the impact on our planet.

In our R & D work, we select and formulate ingredients to guarantee the safety and sustainability of our products throughout their lifespan. We also ensure that our products are safe for both people and the environment. We thoroughly review the human and environmental safety aspects of our ingredients leading us to select materials that balance effectiveness, safety and environmental impact. Our purchasing team is tasked to source recyclable packaging wherever possible. We will continue to investigate further ways to reduce our consumption of water, fuel oil and the impact of our transportation on the environment. We have also invested in warehouse lighting with light sensors to ensure energy is used only when required.

The following areas we hope to commit to the aid of the environment:

  • Our products
  • Our manufacturing and logistics
  • Our systems and accreditations
  • Our employees
  • Our commitment to the future
  • Our drive to use renewable energies