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pH Neutral Snow Foam

Nielsen pH Neutral Snow Foam is the highest foaming product we have ever made! It safely removes road grime and stuck on dirt to reduce the risk of scratches and swirls when washing.

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Quick Detailer

Nielsen Quick Detailer is the ideal product to quickly and effortlessly remove dust, grime, fingerprints and watermarks, leaving a smear and streak-free finish to your vehicle.

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Nielsen Pre-Wash is a concentrated non caustic degreaser specifically designed to remove grease, dirt and road grime from vehicles

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Gloss Shampoo

A highly Concentrated shampoo formulated to provide added lustre and a streak free finish. Encompasses a specialist wax additive.

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Wheel Cleaner

An exceptional top quality wheel cleaner formulated to be highly effective in removing brake dust, traffic film and oil. Developed with corrosion inhibitors for everyday use on both alloy and steel wheels to keep vehicle wheels, rims and wheel covers looking brand new.

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Cherry Shampoo

Nielsen Cherry shampoo is a non-gloss additive vehicle shampoo. Ideal for detailing prep and as a maintenance shampoo for protected or coated vehicles.

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